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Wuqing  nourishing health pad for men health care is the best pantliner for detoxification.

For smooth urination, better prostate,  stronger immunity.more energy, stronger waist and leg and better physical  condition.

It boosts sexual libido /performance, enhances erection and increases stamina.it enhances joy and sexual  enlargement and prostate cancer.

It also boost sperm count and aids in fertility.

Product Price
₦45,000 ₦34000

NOURIPAD Wuqing Men Health Care Pantyliner

Nouripad Wuqing Health Care Pad is made with 100% cotton, functional chip, absorbent paper, breathable film. It is clean, healthy, comfortable, strong and assurance.

Applicable target demographics

1. Men who are in sub-health conditions and suffer from dizziness, weakness, insomnia, dreaminess, soreness of waist and knees, hearing loss and tinnitus, memory deterioration and physical decline.

2. Men who suffer from reproductive and urinary system diseases such as frequent urination, urgent urination, alginuresis, testicle pain, hemorrhoid, prostatitis, prostatodynia, prostatic hyperplasia, benign prostate hypertrophy

and sexual dysfunction.

3. Men who are in potential risk of major diseases such as uroclepsia, Lithuanian, renal calculus, rectum cancer and tumors of urinary system.

treats pile


expels wind damp 

reduces muscle soreness 

improves performance in sports 

removes toxins

keep out of the reach of children, store in a cool temperature, avoid moisture.

Use as specified.

Free return within 7 days for epicazo mall items and 7 days for other eligible items.

Full refund if you don't get your package delivered.

Handle each item carefully.

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