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Yunzhi Essence contains the unadulterated concentrate of top evaluation wild Yunzhi that are wealthy in proteins, lipids, polysaccharides PSK/PSP. Notwithstanding that, BF Suma Refined Yunzhi Essence is carefully fabricated in understanding to GMP guideline. 

Headings for use: Two containers day by day toward the beginning of the day or night. 

Target client: Adults, particularly for 

Individuals recouping from a significant medical procedure 

Malignant growth patients accepting chemotherapy and radiation treatment 

Solid individuals to improve resistant framework and decrease disease

Product Price
₦18,000 ₦9000

BF Suma Refined Yunzhi Essence Healthy Vitality - 60 Capsules 

A Precious Gift Infused with Nature 

What is in Refined Yunzhi Essence? 

Yunzhi is a valuable mushroom that exploration has demonstrated can enable genuinely sick patients to have a superior possibility of endurance. Studies show it prevents unwelcome cell replication and mitigates symptoms of clinical medicines, for example, mouth ulcers, heaving and loss of craving. 

Medical advantages Of Refined Yunzhi Essence 

Yunzhi or "Turkey-Tail" mushroom is helpful for evacuating poisons, fortifying physical make-up, expanding imperative vitality, improving insusceptibility and advancing life span whenever devoured normally 

Appropriate to mitigate indications from chemotherapy by boosting invulnerability framework. 

Improves hunger. 

Polysaccharides present in it battles unusual cell development (tumors). 

Serious promoter for liver and lung wellbeing. 

Decreases chemotherapy reactions. 

Reinforces the insusceptible framework. 

Useful for hormonal adjusting. 

This announcement has not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. This item isn't planned to analyze, treat, fix or avert any ailment. 

Strong cancer treatment

Enhances appetite and reduces illness

Raises female libido and enhances orgasms

Increases the white blood cells and lymphocytes

Reduces pain during episodes of serious immune challenge

Keep out the reach of children. Store in cool temperature


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