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BF Suma NOVEL-DEPILE- 60 Capsules

Why BF Suma Novel Depile Capsules Citrus Extract is a Good Choice?

A painless and scientifically proven method to control hemorrhoids.

100% natural ingredients from citrus.


For chronic venous dysfunction and chronic hemorrhoidal disease – two capsules daily.

For acute hemorrhoidal attacks – two capsules three times daily for four days, followed by two capsules twice daily for three days, two capsules thereafter.

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₦14,000 ₦7000

BF Suma Novel-Depile - 60 Capsules

Discover Citrus Discover the Relief for Hemorrhoid

What is Novel Depile Capsules?

Novel Depile Capsules is made up of Citrus Extracts Derivate and it is so good in alleviating the acute hemorrhoids symptoms like swelling, bleeding and relieves pain or heavy legs and spasm.

Citrus containing water, carbohydrates, protein and vitamin C is a perennial plant that has been used for centuries in TCM. 

Our Novel Depile Capsules is formulated with natural citrus extract and citrus extract’s derivate for alleviating hemorrhoid.

Health Benefits of Novel Depile Capsules Citrus Extract

Studies done on Citrus have shown promise for this herb as a natural remedy for hemorrhoids. 

It's many benefits include: 

Alleviate hemorrhoid.

Reduce anus pain & irritation.

Calm bleeding hemorrhoid.

Relaxes venous tension; controls the release of Inflammatory substance, improves blood circulation.

Very effective in dissolving and eliminating uric acid deposits within the joints that cause urinate Arthritis (Gout).

It prevents muscular degeneration of the retina which causes blindness in people over the age of 65 years

Natural ingredients from citrus

Alleviate hemorrhoid without surgery

Relieve pain, burning sensation and itching

Reduce discomfort after having a bowel movement

Good for eye conditions due to richness in Carotenoids

Keep out the reach of children. Store in cool temperature


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