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Magic Frying Pan is made of Titanium (protects you from radiation) Aluminium, steel and free use without adding oil. It extracts oil in food and fries it. No need to scrub with iron sponge or vim, because it is made of titanium. Suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease. You enjoy natural flavour of food as you use this magic frying pan. You can fry your egg, fish, meat, chicken, yam, plantain and vegetable without adding oil.

Product Price
₦75,000 ₦53000

The frying container are standard 2 inches down. This position of safety makes turning and flipping nourishment too simple. The domed cover includes a ton of "fume broiler" space for warming up left overs or bringing last interior temperature up and is incredible for cooking vegetables. Decisions incorporate the accompanying and can be added to the shopping basket starting from the pull menu (with or without a coordinating top): These cast level fricasseeing skillet are particularly appropriate for steaks, cutlets, eggs, omelets, singed potatoes and brisk seared nourishment. They're additionally marvelous for warming up scraps. 

Here are some features of Magic Fying Pan 

  • suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease
  • people who eat the food from the frying pan will feel comfortable from head to foot with invigorating the spleen and promoting appetite.
  • reduces the chances of growth cancer cells.
  • preserve food nutrients and doesn't paste.
  • cut down the expenses of oil by 80%
  • reduces excessive fats
  • help prevent high blood pressure.
  • suitable for stroke patient and elderly one.
  • The corner stone to our health.
  • for frying fish, meat, chicken, egg, yam, plantain, etc with this frying pan does not require use of oil, which make it more economical /nutritous for everyone.
  • vegetable remain fresh and green after cooking thus preserving it's natural taste, energy and appropriate nutrients we ought to derive from the food we cook to eat.
  • it doesn't paste /stink.

store at controlled room temperature.  

for external use only

Good Working Condition.

Free return within 7days for epicazo mall items and 7days for other eligible items. Full refund if you don't get your package delivered. 

Handle each item carefully.

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