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The ingredients perform catalytic action in an amazing speed. It can clear harmful bacteria residue in mouth mucus and saliva. Protein sodium phosphate releases silver ion micro-element into the oral cavity. This effectively removes obstinate tooth stains such as tobacco stains, tea stains etc.

Have a brighter new look and comfort on your teeth and gum because unremovable stains, tooth ache,  gun infections and bad breath would be no more

Product Price
₦8000 ₦5500

Norland Herbal Mouthwash herbal care. 

Tooth problems that cannot be solved by brushing can effectively be handled by Gargle –Sunlit Herbal Multiple-effect Mouthwash. The result is readily visible and amazing.

It rapidly absorbs and clears harmful protein bacteria.

Sunlit Herbal Multiple-effect Mouthwash can treat bad breath, tonsillitis, periodontitis, swollen gums, bleeding gums and oral ulcers among others.

Value for money. It eliminates inflammation. Remove oral odor. It inhabit oral bacterial. Reduces acidic substances. Relieve gum discomfort. Etc

Payment on delivery. keep out the reach of children. Store in cool temperation.

Free return within 7 days for epicazo mall items and 7 days for other eligible items. Full refund if you don't get your package delivered. 

handle each item carefully.

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